ABGESAGT! Darkness Rising Part I

Darkness Rising Part I Plakat
Sa, 18. April 2020
19:00 Uhr
Das Datum dieser Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit

Halls Of Oblivion | Demorphed | Maratonga | When At Night

Darkness Rising Plakat

+++ Packt eure Kutten aus & bang your heads! +++
DARKNESS RISNG PART I - live in der Villa Roller!

DEATH METAL mit Halls of Oblivion, DEMORPHED, Maratonga & When At Night.

Doors: 19 Uhr
Eintritt: 5 € AK


Deep in the gloomy "Halls of Oblivion", a tender melody and a whispered word suddenly become a roaring composition with brutal riffs and heavy words. Merciless and honest, the depths of the human soul are awaiting the listener within fictional walls. Internal unrest seeks its way through silence and oblivion in an aggressive and desperate way, thereby obtaining a hearing. Goose bumps guaranteed!

The creations of the four men from Vaihingen/Enz represent a cruel, sorrowful ambiance. Halls of Oblivion unveil themes that are often kept secret but should not be forgotten. In doing so, they demonstrate their musical skills and sense of the subtleties of melodic death metal. Influences of black and doom metal complement the use of synthesizers, thus creating a unique atmosphere.

Since their foundation in 2007/2008, Halls of Oblivion were able to refine their style through personal and common experiences. Since then, it has become more and more apparent what eventually took shape in 2014: A blend more peaceful than melodic death metal, more melodic than black metal, more harmonic than death metal - yet equally complex, graceful and merciless as our existence.

The music is mainly written by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sebastian Ruf, who gives the songs a black metal vibe; as well as lead guitarist Marcel Welte, who skillfully brings it in accordance with melancholic melodies. Markus Kristen is responsible for the recordings and bass guitar, thereby anchoring the harmonic framework of the songs, while Markus Weber provides the final creative touches with his drumming.

The longtime friends are an experienced team that is ready to become popular well above the ceiling of the halls.

Their debut EP „The Blind Legion“ was recorded and released in 2015 on their own. Later in 2016, it was remastered and digitally re-released by 7hard records. The first full-length album of the quartet “Endtime Poetry” will be published 21st of June 2019 and refines the characteristic style of the band, thereby likewise attracting fans of melodic death and black metal.

Step inside - the halls of oblivion!


- "deformed", "disfigured", a reflection of our sick society, a sinister mirror image celebrated in raw Death Metal.
Inspired by bands like Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Decapitated or Immolation.
Demorphed started in 2010 in Southern Germany with the goal to create our own vision for extreme music. We were able to share this vision with the audience in numerous shows - our highlights have been shows with Fleshcrawl, Dew Scented and Disbelief.


Seit November 2008 servieren Maratonga nun Göppingen und der näheren Umgebung ihre ausgefeilte Mischung aus modernem und klassischem Thrash Metal.

Aus geladenen Jamsessions entstanden schnell die ersten Songs, die 2009 auf den regionalen Bühnen entfesselt wurden.

Maratonga erspielten sich schnell einen Namen in der regionalen Szene und zogen aus ihrer kreativen Wut weitere Songs, die in der ausgehungerten lokalen Meute einschlugen.
Wir lauern hungrig darauf unser Potential weiter auszuschöpfen und Musik zu präsentieren, die man sicher nicht allzu schnell vergessen wird.

Nach nunmehr 10 Jahren ist nun unser erstes Album erhältlich!
"Worth fighting for"

An dieser Stelle sind wir allen sehr dankbar, die dies ermöglicht haben!

Wir sind bereit und voller Energie um euch weiterhin mit deftigem Sound zu versorgen und hoffen euch in den Moshpits der Region begrüßen zu können.


Seelenleid (which roughly translates to suffering of the soul) and self-awareness are an essence of existence and driving force within the cosmos. Confrontation might clear the way to catharsis and power in chaos
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